Support us to end violence


We support girls who have experienced violence against them. Please help us.


Violence against girls in Sierra Leone is prevalent. commit and act aim to reduce it.

Since August 2015 we have provided a secure place for girls who have experienced violence. At our ‘girl’s shelter’ they receive competent medical and psychotherapeutic support, clothing and food. It is a safe, loving community where they can live life less restricted and work through their experiences with the support of professionals.

The girls often tell us how carefree and happy they feel in this caring environment.

commit and act also works closely with the police to get the perpetrators arrested. In Sierra Leone only about 1% of perpetrators who committed rape are send to court. In our center the rate is 90%.

We look to find a permanent, secure place with parents or relatives for the girls after their stay in our shelter. We provide a small amount of money for education and our social workers visit them regularly.