6. Building Back Better: Using the 8 pro-social principles to fight Ebola and gender-based violence in a postwar country


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By Beate Ebert and Hannah Bockarie, February 28, 2018, 1 pm – 2 pm EST

Duration: 60 minutes

Participants will learn about:
• Challenges and opportunities in a time of crisis like Ebola or increasing gender based violence
• Cultural barriers and how to build trust and how to empower locals in different cultures
• How to use the PROSOCIAL approach to foster transformation

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We would like to share with you about the challenges and opportunities that arise in the work with an international team and they different ways we have creates a community from a diverse group of people, coming from different cultures and diverse professional backgrounds.

What is happening when people listen to each other, respect their culture, connect in a vision and use the PROSOCIAL principles?

The two presenters, Hannah Bockarie and Beate Ebert, met in 2011 in Sierra Leone and our visions connected like magnets. Since then we are working together to transform trauma, violence, poverty and poor health care practices in Sierra Leone.
Using the example of our collaboration in the Ebola crisis, together with Steven Hayes, David S. Wilson, the Sierra Leone Ministry of Social Welfare and the Bo Ebola District task force, we would like to encourage you to bring your own vision to reality.
We faced multiple barriers, some inside like „this is a stupid idea, to use PROSOCIAL for the fight of Ebola“, and some external barriers such as „Ebola does not exist, it is the government killing the people to depopulate the opposition party“ or „witches are killing the people to punish them“, going along with denial, anger, fear, and blame.
Whereas other NGOs were rejected, we were able to operate inside the cultural context and empower people to find their own transformational solutions, so they changed their behavior rapidly.
Similarly, as gender based violence is on the raise, we use the PROSOCIAL approach for women and men to find new ways to relate to each other and to keep up peace and love in their relationships.
After sharing about our experiences we will invite you to share about your vision and goals and we will look at possible first steps to take.
This will be an empowering webinar where you not only will learn about our vision and projects but also will connect with your vision and purpose.

About the presenters:

Beate Ebert
Clinical Psychologist
Founder and Chairperson of commit and act foundation
Email: be@beate-ebert.de

Beate Ebert is a clinical psychologist and behavioral psychotherapist, working in private practice in Aschaffenburg, Germany. She is a peer reviewed trainer in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and she is providing trainings and lectures in Germany and internationally. She is a founding member and boardmember of the German ACBS Chapter, DGKV. In 2010, along with friends and colleagues, she founded commit and act, a non-profit organization to provide psychosocial support in Sierra Leone and other areas of conflict. The commit and act team has successfully used the PROSOCIAL approach for behavior change in the Ebola crisis and to reduce gender based violence in families in Sierra Leone. Beate also started to use PROSOCIAL for the integration of immigrants in Germany.

Hannah Bockarie
Social Worker
Country Director of commit and act foundation Sierra Leone
Email: hannahbockarie2008@yahoo.com

Hannah has been a trained counsellor since 2004. She started her career working as a counsellor supervisor with Medicine’s San Fortier’s where she worked for five years with the therapeutic focus victims of armed conflict. She has received multiple Trainings in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) since 2010 and in January 2014 started working as the Director of the commit and act Clinic in Bo, South Sierra Leone, where they provide counselling for individuals and groups as well as training and supervision for local health workers. In July 2014 Hannah started using PROSOCIAL Ebola prevention work in Bo District in collaboration with the team providing health information and education to thousands of effected people in the area through community meetings, trainings and radio discussions.


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