4. DARE to Connect: Behavioral couples coaching and training


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DARE to Connect: Behavioral couples coaching and training
By Thomas Szabo and Hannah Bockarie, March 28, 2018, 1 pm – 2 pm EDT

Duration: 60 minutes

Participants will learn about:
1. Describe the costs of IPGBV
2. Identify the need for behavior-based interventions
3. List at least 3 unique activities and exercises used in the DARE intervention
4. Commit to one other participant to making use of at least one DARE strategy.

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Gender-based violence occurs world-wide and cuts across racial, ethnic, and economic lines. In West Africa, the problem is at pandemic levels. We developed a behavior analytic ACT intervention that targeted both within session microaggression and between-session aggression. In this presentation, we discuss our unique protocol, show data, and share video clips that highlight the work we did. The paper upon which this webinar is based is currently submitted for publication.
About the presenters:

Thomas G. Szabo, PhD., BCBA-D
Peer-Reviewed ACT Trainer
Co-Chair, Commit & Act International
Email: tszabo@fit.edu

Tom Szabo is a peer-reviewed ACT trainer and professor at Florida Institute of Technology. He received his doctorate at the University of Nevada, Reno and participated in the research labs of Steven C. Hayes and W. Larry Williams. He has been teaching people the nuts and bolts of building behavioral flexibility into their lives for over a decade. Most recently, Tom has focused on reducing intimate partner, gender-based violence among couples in Sierra Leone.

Hannah Bockarie
Director, Commit & Act Sierra Leone
Email: hannahbockarie2008@yahoo.com

Hannah is a Sierra Leonean with a unique vision of the need for empowering women and children and a well-developed ability to communicate this vision to others. In 2008, she teamed up with Beate Ebert to form commit & act, an international NGO. C&A provides shelter to abused girls and behavioral coaching to couples with a history of gender-based violence.


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