Talk with Kelly G. Wilson, University of Mississippi

Doing Good and Being Well in a Scary World: The Long Arc of the Moral Universe

2016 was a tumultuous year. Many of us have been frightened, disheartened, feeling untethered in a world in which we thought unity was real, possible, growing, and inevitable (if not imminent). But acts of terror have filled our news feeds, division has risen where growing unity stood. Alliances evolving and growing since the last global war have stalled and been repudiated. Whole nation have voted to roll back behind national borders. Proclamations of America First echoed across the US capital, echoing the darkest times and sentiments of the last century. And the rise of the populist right has sympathizers in the heart of the union of European nations. Genuine fears and grievances about security and economies have mixed with nationalist and xenophobic sentiments. Anti-immigrant backlash, political division, heated rhetoric appear to be rising all around us.


What are we to do? One temptation is to do a personalized version of what some nations are doing. But what will be the consequences, to our selves and to our fellows, if we close our own personal borders and retreat into the relative security of our own smaller, safer world?


There is a better way. And, we have a scientific structure and evidence to guide us in our travels, both as individuals and as a community.


On the evening of Monday, 13th February at the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, I want to invite my friends and fellow travelers to join me in a conversation about the ways that we can do good and be well in this scary world. Dr. Martin Luther King, in the midst of tremendous strife, prejudice, violence, and tremendous opposition saw something. And, we can see it too. Dr. King said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”


We will explore:

  • Evolution Science and human cooperation
  • Strength that can come from the practice of psychological flexibility
  • And, the power of compassionate engagement


Together we will see how we can, in this world, just exactly how it is, build bridges, not walls.


Together, we will see, as President Obama saw, that while you can’t necessarily bend history to your will, you can do your part to see that, in the words of Dr. King, it “bends toward justice.”



This talk is offered as a benefit to Commit and ACT. Commit and ACT is a non-governmental organization working in Sierra Leone and other parts of Africa to alleviate the great suffering and hardship faced there. These folks do a lot. This particular talk will benefit a shelter for girls who have been victims of violence:


Violence against girls in Sierra Leone is prevalent. Commit and Act aim to reduce it.

Since August 2015 we have provided a secure place for girls who have experienced violence. At our ‘girl’s shelter’ they receive competent medical and psychotherapeutic support, clothing and food. It is a safe, loving community where they can live life less restricted and work through their experiences with the support of professionals.


Every penny generated by this evening together will go directly towards this effort. No fund raising organization, organizer, or Dr. Wilson will receive any compensation. 100% Commit and ACT.


Venue: Lecture Theatre G.03, 50 George Square (click to see on Google Maps)

Monday 13th February 2017, 6pm – 8pm

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