Commit and Act’s Webinar Series 2017 – 2018

Global Mental Health & Behavioral Intervention:

Multicultural Voices from North America to Western Africa

The Commit & Act Webinar Series is designed to bring advances in psychosocial intervention to you from the front lines of global mental health work we’re doing in Sierra Leone – but which you can make use of in your practice tomorrow. Our Commit & Act team is dedicated to bring psychotherapist support to traumatized people in areas of conflict. Overall our goal is to help people be empowered and find trust to develop the courage to create their lives according to their own vision and resources. To do this we train community leaders on site in effective methods used in psychotherapy, particularly Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT). We hope that you feel encouraged to use the clinical skills you’ll learn in your own practice and that you feel compelled to join us! There are many ways in which you can be part of our dynamic team!

All the proceeds of this webinar will go towards the construction of the shelter for abused girls we serve and the different programs we support in the community.

Help us create social change by making the difference in Sierra Leone. Register today!


1 Webinar $35

3 Webinars $90

6 Webinars $150

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1 Webinar


3 Webinars


6 Webinars